Real talk. PC for gaming Linux/Windows

As you can see from the title I'm at crossroads.
My last parts are arriving on Monday, and I was wondering is Linux viable as a full on gaming platform right now? I'm ready to sacrifice some games for Linux, but nothing too major. I checked on steamdb and all my games currently in my library are Linux compatible. What do you think and why?

Thank you, for your contribution.

if most of your games are on linux theres no reason not to use linux


If all of your games work then I don't see any reason to stay with Windows. Only a quarter of my games have linux support. You run into trouble when you have a big game that you love and it is only offered on Windows. For that situation you can easily get a second small HDD and dual boot in to Win when you want to play it.

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I'm not but I will be upgrading in a month of so :)

I used to have a lot of headaches and migraines before, but then I switched to Linux, and all was bliss.

The same goes for the current iteration of AMD drivers for R9 series cards.


:D It doesn't matter what he says. Nvidia just decides to do business in a different way form AMD, AMD chose to be of a lesser performance but open source friendly, nvidia on the other hand is not but offers the performance that is required for gamers, :) My 2 cent's don't hate i r8 8/8

If you want to game on Linux, then you need a Nvidia GPU. I've already tried gaming with 7950. Things didn't go well. However, Linux support for older GPUs is pretty good.

Yes. People it is still this bad in terms of Nvidia and open source drivers.

On which distro? Besides Fedora and Ubuntu.

Last time I tried to use a GeForce 2xx series card with Linux, Xorg threw a fit and won't boot to a DE. This happened with Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10. Those non-free drivers don't tend to support older hardware prior to the 4xx series GPU's.

Oh sorry, I meant older AMD cards, with Open Source drivers on par with their catalyst counter parts. I honestly have no clue about older Nvidia cards. Only experience I have with that is with an old Mobo with Geforce 6150 LE integrated graphics. Seemed to work alright for legacy drivers.

Are you sure I've got a Nvidia 260 and it runs like a dream (unless I sli it with my other 260 then shit hits the fan). I also ran it on Ubuntu-Gnome 14.10 and now I'm on arch.