RCA Capture Cards

So recently I got my dad to find my old Hi8 cam corder from the 90s that I used to record with in the mid 2000s and i want to copy all of the footage onto my PC with a capture card, so I was wondering which card would be best for this.

I want it to be a PCI-e card too, x4 would be nice but if it's bigger then that's ok, and this probably sounds like a strange request but I need it to be a 'high quality' card, the main reason I say that though I just because I want to make sure that I don't loose any quality.. after all the source is 240p on a good day, off of a tape, so yeah haha.


I live in NZ so a few suggestions would be great coz at least 1 should be available here :)



Blackmagic has RCA capture cards that work with any OS and I think the base model is around $80

Blackmagic is a pro level company so you should be good.