Razer v Corsair (Headsets and Keyboards)

Had a discussion with a friend similar to another forum I have posted about on to this but regarding with Bose vs Sennheiser. If this forum is located improperly then by all means mods please do so as I am confused where to place this discussion. That being out the way I want to know the users input on this topic.

From Razer I've Gotten Sick of the Overpriced Cheap Quality Products, When I Played on Consoles I went through 2 Sabertooth Controllers. with Headsets, All My Friends who've had them Broke on them. Honestly though the Most I've Seen Last a while From Razer are their Mice. but take this with a Grain of Salt I had one that Lasted about 2 and a Half Years, some people have said they lasted only a few months.

Corsair on the Other Hand you get Good Quality Products but At least you have LOTS of Options and the more you spend you can expect to get an excellent product. with Razer i will say the more you spend the stupider the product gets. for example Razers Deathstalker that has the Little Touchscreen Built in $250. Why would you need to have that on a gaming keyboard and why would you need to spend 250 ON a Keyboard? you are barely going to look down at the keyboard to begin with. Also ON top of that Replacing the Cherry MX Key Switches for these Alleged "Gamer Switches" that are just Razer's own Cheap Knockoff Switches is a dumb move on their part.

Overall though I would choose Corsair over Razer any day of the week.


My thoughts exactly, I almost pity him for purchasing for overpriced stuff. :/

headset wise, they're both bad. Mainly razer though, at least corsair's have decent build quality