Razer Mamba I don't think Razer need something wit

The average persons gonna use 800-1600 dpi so why like 5000.

I personally would go for a cyber snipa a lot more bang for buck.

It's wireless, some people have hugeass monitors, and other people are just crazy. Lol. But yeah, you have a point. I don't know what the hell I'd do with that much DPI. 1800 seems perfect for me.

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i personally do not feel the need or the point of a wireless mouse i dont wee what a wire is going to do at all and why wirless and wired its a good idea but if i ever buy it which will never happen i will always use it wired so i dont have to go through the hassle of charging it and the charger has a wire the more clutter and wires.

There is no point at all and the DPI is seriously 5,600 Wtf im using 1800 (diamondback) and its perfect i would like 2000 dpi but eh o well

not to mention the price tag on the mamba

g5 is a great choice as well as the deathadder, and cybersnipa stinger great for those crazy people and normal people without spending 130 dollars for a mouse

I could use a little more dpi than the G5 has. Im at 2000 right now, could be a little faster.

5000 is overkill. I have a Deathadder, and sort of wish I had more than 1,800 but oh well. I don't think I could ever use more than 3200 max

that's what the cybersnipa stinger is good I use about 2000 in fps 3200 in games like age of empire specially in large maps. and use 1000 in world of warcraft and other rpgs.

and my mouse can do all of those :)

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IM A GEWD DEMOHMAHN (constipated voice)

"Oh whats that the G9x has 5600dpi engine well thats obscured no one would use that" "are you sure what about all they people with 30" monitors them hard core computer enthusiasts that take ages using 1600dpi to get to the top of the screen when the could just by the click of a button be there in no time" "Aw its all making sense there trying to reach at the enthusiasts side of the market and research stuff people need hmmm....."

My G9 serves me well, it was only $60 on tiger direct too. I leave it on 3200 DPI just because that's the highest.

you must be one of the freaky crazy people that has there dpi on that all the time

I use 1800 dpi and 1000hz polling with my deathadder and its great.

Im even a low sensitivity gamer!

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you must be one of the freaky crazy people that has there dpi on that all the time

I know i would.