Razer Kraken Pro's

Well, I am looking into buying a pair of razer kraken pro's, and then I saw this on Razer's Facebook page. This won't stop me from buying the original pair, as I was wanting to use them with xbox as well as my phone and pc, but it still makes me curious. What do you guys think: will this get that many sales? They are advertising it as 7.1 surround sound, which is something a lot of people though this was going to be. It is also a usb headset, which suprisingly a lot of people wanted it this way from what I am reading (which I don't know why they would). I'm guessing the mic would be the same. It looks a little different, but I don't think it is going to be amazing. After all, it is a headset. They don't have the greatest of mics. So, what are your opinions on this?

Pretty much like most of razer's products it'll probably be not that great value and honestly will only be attractive to people who like razer. 7.1 is available to just about any soundcard you can get and the USB makes it that much less portable.(In addition to being a large bulky headset already). 
What razer is really after is convenience, not sound quality. The 7.1 filters do the job but i would guess the drivers themselves are outsourced without thought about quality. The mic is there and it's useful, however it's not going to be anything but something that's alright for everyday VOIP.
And going by track record i'd imagine the whole thing would be generally fragile with the 7.1 box adding multiple failure points, in addition to the microphone and drivers.

If you're looking for something in that price range consider a pair of Takstar 2050 or Somic MH463 with brainwavz hm5 pads from mp4nation or a Superlux 681EVO plus a seperate mic or a velcro'd option, if soundquality is something you're looking for.

I am not worried about the mic, as the only thing I will be using it on is xbox. I am going to be usinga desktop mic for use with my pc. Also Razer has the 7.1 surround sound software, so I don't see why anyone would need a "7.1" headset as it doesn't seem to be much better then real surround sound (I am not a surround sound expert, so don't quote me on this)

"Surrond" headphones are complete gimmick. First, you only need 2.0 to have complete surrond with headphones, sound just needs to be synthesized properly (which is never done but whatever. Google "binaural audio").

Also, having multiple cheap speakers inside headphones as opposed to two decent ones makes sound worse and doesn't bring any benefits. 

And never buy gaming headsets. Especially expensive ones. 

^ exactly