Razer Blade 15 (2018) and Synapse

Unsure of where to put this (could be software after all) but I figured since this is relevant to the laptop I’d put it here.

Right now it seems as though Razer Synapse requries an online account creation to even access any of the lighting features on the keyboard, which right now is either going to run a continuous rainbow loop, or be off, neither of which I want.

I don’t even want to acknowledge Razer with a fake email address for this trash:


So the question becomes, is there a way to control this without their software? I’m not overly hopeful or optimistic, but I’ve got to try something.



Definitely no way to control lighting without synapse.

Such a fucking joke. Makes me love Logitech all the more.

Oh and even Coolermaster.

And Corsair, that didn’t need any login for their software either.


Yup, I ain’t buying razer any time soon.
It’s a shame, that laptop looks like a nice piece of hardware.

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I think that is what we all take away from this thread.

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Google has rendered me nothing but constant ‘no’ answers on this topic. I’m going to see what my employer says about this or if they can contact Razer directly.


What about https://github.com/openrazer/openrazer ?
The Blade 15 is listed as supported device. I know it is a linux project, but maybe you can build it for windows yourself?

I am sorry if my noobishness offends anyone.

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Okay this is anecdotal, because it was AGES ago, but I am sure I say a Linux something to do with synapse replacement/basic functionality.

It may not do lighting though…



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If I had any coding abilities beyond specific-use JS…


IIRC there is a package to control the lighting of some keyboards and mice in linux.

I use it to control the lighting on my black-widow 2015.

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Hey @Steinwerks have any of the suggestions here panned out for you in controlling your RGB? I have one of those damn Razer Cynosa Chroma keyboards but since I run MacOS 10.14 I have to use an older version of synapse.

What I have noticed about synapse as well is that in order to get even warranty information on the laptops you have to make a login, it’s quite annoying.

Nope, no luck. Someone on Reddit suggested MSI Mystic Light because it had worked with his keyboard (I think) but no luck there either.