Razer BlackShark, Opinion?

Hi fellow cat enthousiasts,


I was thinking about getting the: Razer Backshark 2.0 expert gaming headset. 

I realy like the `aviator`style of it, but i dont realy know if it is eny good. Are there eny reasons not to buy it? 

Some tips on choosing the right headset would be apriciated.


Thanks in advance, Berend

My buddy has them, he loves them to death, but he has really hasent used anything else for a while nor knows what to look for. I have used them a couple of times and They felt great, I loved the passive feel for them. They acully sounded decent, the highs were good lows were okay at best. The thing I really liked about these are theat they did not just pump out bass for no reason like most headsets do now a days. 
For 100 dollars bet you can find better if you just look. I'd only buy Razer stuff for mice*I have a Razer Deathadder* Anything really other than mice from Razer is over priced.

Thanks for your response, is there a headset you would reconmend? at about the same pricepoint?