Raspberry pi projects to learn linux server or IOT

I got an Raspberry pi 3B a few months ago and f*cking love it.
I’ve had some default projects with it:

Minecraft sevrer
Samba server
failed to “oke google” with google voice API

But now i came to the point that i’m out of ideas for a now project.
I would love to do some smart home stuff, but I think the devices are expensive.
Linux servers are beautiful things but they need to be somewhat useful.

you guys got any ideas?

Nextcloud and Plex work really good if you want. You can buy a PCB with multiple relay, hook it up to the Raspberry and activate appliances remotely (beware of the maximum amperage of the relay).
You can also setup a security system with MotionEye, torrenting with Transmission, DLNA, use an LCD 20x4 to display any information you want, setup a Mumble server for your friends to use if you play games with them.

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You could set up a pi-hole ad blocker. https://pi-hole.net/

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Thnx @MetalizeYourBrain

The only thing is that I already have a NAS, so most of those things are already up :wink:
A PCB looks interesting, could you give some examples?
I could solder some stuff but it wouldn’t be much more than kindergarten stuff.

I’ve looked at home assistant, is it possible to DIY some smart home stuff with that?

This is great, love it!

I’m talking about this, no need to do any soldering yourself. Just buy some cables to connect the board to the Pi and than start programming.

You can make your own page as a hub to control everything.


I guess you just hook on some sensors, motors, leds and such.
the only problem is that I have never done something like that.
is there an guided way to code such tings?

Yeah, you can hook up anything that works with Arduino.

You can code everything with Python and there are a lot of exaples only on how to implement everything. Unfortunately I don’t have the Python code for the relay on hand but it’s really really easy to switch those on and off.

Great thanks,

I would look in to it