Raspberry Pi GPS tracker projects

So I have a Raspberry Pi 2 B that I want to turn into a GPS tracking device for my daughter that about to start pre-k. I want to make it where I can pull up her location in cause she gets lost or if she gets of at the wrong bus stop. I was wondering if anyone else has done something similar or has any ideas on how to complete this projects. It would be battery powered I would like for it to be pretty much off the grid with only requiring the GPS every where else I’ve looked it requires it to have some sorta data connection ether mobile data or something similar.

Then how do you intend to send the location to your device? You’ll need some sort of data connection


If this is going to be internet connected: Don’t.

The average cheapo smartphone with LineageOS support and one of the opensource GPS log applications sending data to your own server via the mobile data connection is the only option unless you just want to write data to sd-card.
You cannot magically send data via GPS, and how you phrased that question shows that you are not technically skilled in that area.

You’d have to use on open source android gps app Like TinyTracker / fgpst-android / Self Hosted GPS tracker + VPS hosting for that.

No-one here is going to directly help you with tracking people, Doesn’t matter who.
That’s a taboo area you are left to yourself with.


How do you intend to get live location updates without some sort of external connectivity? just use an SMS based one and get a text only sim card, they’re not expensive and it doesn’t require cobbling together a bunch of adafruit garbage:


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You are correct @catsay I’m not very skilled in this area. My skill set is more with hardware based.
You all have been very helpful thank you.