Raspberry Pi. Asus... and now Nvidia.........?

New Nvidia mini computer is 5 to 8 times more expensive than the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

Brooooo. That's freaking expensive. There is so little on the board. I do not get it.

But the Jetson TX2 performance comes at a hefty price. As a student, you can buy the Jetson TX2 developer kit with major ports including Ethernet for $299, otherwise it will cost you $599. The developer kit will ship in the U.S. and Europe later this month, and Asia-Pacific next month.

Nvidia is also selling a stripped-down version of the Jetson TX2 that has fewer ports. That will start selling for $399 if a buyer purchases 1,000 units.

Also, why does the author need to put the pi up against the new Nvidia board. Some poor un-educated soul will probably go out and buy the Nvidia now because this guy put the two in the same sentence.


Way too expensive. The Pi is 42€ here.
For 300€, you can get a complete computer and several Arduino Mega.


I dont see anything wrong with it

Nvidia saw a position for a premium product with a price premium

Its now up to the consumer to be sensible with their spending :D

Nothing wrong with reinventing the wheel.

Just don't Jack up the price by a pretty penny.

I will now stop making wheel and pi puns.


Wow, that is .... clickbait.

Honestly. This dev-board has nothing to do with the pi. It's not like it's the first nvidia dev-board either. It's just some tech-journalist that needed a good headline for his article.


this isnt a raspberry pi replacement or competitor. this is for mostly robotics where low power and size matters. a lot of ai task can be gpu accelerated like what nvidia did with driver less cars. this on board gpu has the same amount of power as the Nintendo switch using very little power so beside say a drone that can fly itself using a high resolution camera and analyzing the data on the fly to maneuver around at a high speed while also having enough processing power left to do complicated task like say follow someone and take video of them, you can also use this to make a handheld pc and play csgo or whatever.

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Most Journalists don't know about price to performance. Of course it would blow it out of the water, it's like saying a canon will blow a pistol out of the water. However a pistol is more versatile than a canon.


Honestly, the pi has gotten popular because of the price. It is cheap enough that it is practical in use for diy situations and whatnot. You want to build an arcade? Sure. It doesn't go well, oh well. You only spent a few dollars on the hardware. It is a tinkerer's delight. Meanwhile, this is too expensive for that crowd. And the extra performance isn't necessary for most of the stuff that a pi is being used for. So I don't see why exactly it is being compared to the raspberry pi. They are two different products for two different markets. They are both full computers, and both use arm chips. That isn't exactly a lot in common imo.

That said, I think that the price is too high for it to be all that practical. You are getting into x86 territory with that price. So the power consumption or the performance better be better than a cheap x86 solution or else there is no point. I would like to see more low end x86 stuff though. Some more things along the lines of AM1 would be welcome, in my view. And I think that AMD just might get around to it, once it gets settled in the cpu market again. I find that much more interesting tbh.


Just like the TX1, TK1, X1, and the entirety of the Tegra line this will go precisely no where.

nVidia have killed off the Tegra line a few time now and still bring it back when them selves called it a mistake.

This will amount to nothing.

Actually maybe the can flog it to fools like Nintendo and Tesla. They seem to like them for some unknown reason.

it's the Nintendon't™ Switch


This board could be pretty useful:


Student: $300
Regular: $600

Why is rPi even mentioned in the same article? They are not even remotely targeting the same crowd.


This is why I can't stand a lot of the journalism that's going around. This is more suitable for places like robotics laboratories where they actually need something this powerful in this specific a way. To say that it's competitive with the Raspberry Pi is just... I lose brain cells every time something like this happens. Everyone has to compare every SBC released to market to the Pi, regardless of who the target market is.

If a Raspberry Pi-format SBC with a built-in SHA-256 hashing ASIC were released, everyone would say THIS COMPUTER IS WAY FASTER AT MINING BITCOIN THAN A RASPBERRY PI. LOOK HOW FAST IT IS.

This seems to be on the other end of the spectrum for SBC building platforms, with the Up-board being kind of in the middle - I say middle of the spectrum even though they fulfill quite different needs, but...

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Just as a Gt 210 operates in the same market as the Gtx Titan X(P), without competing with the Titan X(P). Just as the Jetson exists with the pi in the same market, without being competitors. A basic Pi project doesn't need the horsepower provided by a Jetson, but a basic Pi plainly cannot touch the Jetson in terms of performance and opportunities made possible by that Performance in that size and power envelope. Both a hammer and a Hydrolic Press can be used to push something into place, but a hammer isn't going to be able to do all the things the Press can, and you wouldn't use a Hydrolic Press to put a nail into a board.

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