Raspberry Pi 4 8GB lauch and 64bits beta OS

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If you noticed raspberry pi foundation lauched RPi4 with 8GB, for 75$. The OS changed name, and 64 bits version of the OS is in beta for testing and development now. 1GB version got dropped.
Is the time for building a better home server? And what are the real benefits in using fully 64 bit OS in this hardware. Cheers
Source: www.raspberrypi.org/blog/8gb-raspberry-pi-4-on-sale-now-at-75/

Based on my limited knowledge, you can do more concurrent stuff?

I suppose the real benefit is that you can address all 8GB and allocate more than 3GB per process. But jokes aside I thought the same thing. What ever am I going to do with 8GB of ram on that platform. My current setup use less than 200mb.

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I asked myself the same thing when I saw it. But than I thought that maybe you can setup RAM disk to use as cache for whatever application you use most frequently. For example a 4 or 6GB cache for Nextcloud could be very useful I guess.

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Uh yeah you’re right, cache is always a good option, especially if you haven’t paired it with an SSD.

I use 700mb in my rpi4 in hidle state, form my small home server porposes. But with cached apps its goes to 2gb in use in hidle. So for me 4gb is doing the work, but again I’m only running 8 containers in docker a very simple setup.

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