Raspberry Pi 2: what to do with it?

I'm glad I held off on the Raspi, since the beastly model 2 is now out at a stupidly low price/performance ratio.

I want to get one, but would like some suggestions on fun things to do with it please.  I have an 8 year old kid who is somewhat technically inclined, so he'll be part of the equation as well.

Thanks all!

Check this site out >> http://hackaday.com/, wont be long before there is an explosion of cool projects to get into. You can have a lot of fun with a pi2, your imagination is the only limitation.

Don't take a picture of it with a xenon flash, it'll cause the power supply circuit to hiccup and will crash the pi2. 

I have already ordered one and I'm planning on setting up as a media center for a friend. I will be getting another for myself to maybe build some home automation stuff. 

Local git repos, tor relay, music nas

Use it to emulate games systems, build it into a portable form factor (it only takes 5 volts so it is readily possible and has been done before on the original Pi), use it to control a robot, make a TV smart without Samsung add injections or build it into the dashboard of your car.  Whatever you want to do basically.  It is a very handy piece of kit and can attach to more modules than you could wave a stick at.  It is down to you and your imagination.  Have fun.


The image dosen't work yet but you can install it on top of debian



^^ I think I'll build this guy, at about 1/3 to 1/2 the approximate size of the real K9.  I'll have a 3D printer later this year, so I'll be able to print out the panels.

Uses: Interactive robot.  Video/audio streaming so I can see home while I'm away.  Fire alarm.  Voice controlled remote control.  Automatic charging (seeks light / inductive charger).  Internet radio.  

Super Raspi in the sky, I know, but fun to think about.

Ima jump in here for ideas as well. I just picked up the pi 2 from microcenter a couple days ago :)

Right now, I just moved the microsd from my old pi to the new one which is running a mumble server and a DDNS client.

In the past I have done all kinds of stuff with my PI model B. the most fun one that I did was write a python script to create a time-lapse video using PI camera you can get for about 30 bucks. I plugged it into a power bank and stuck it on top of a large truck at a football tailgate and got a pretty cool vid out of it.

I have also tried out raspBMC, which wont be supported for the pi 2, but they are working on an alternative for it.

I also used it as a torrent server to download/upload torrents without having to keep my pc running all night. I connected it as a network drive using SAMBA and ran my private internet access vpn on it for security/privacy from my isp crapcast.

The skys the limit with these things. Hope others will add their projects as well. The next thing i'm going to try is to run limelight on my pi to stream games from my PC to my TV in the next room :)

Would use it as a media center or maybe build a small MAME arcade with it.


Yunohost just came out for Pi 2. Got it configured, nice piece of software.

One cool thing I can think of (though it'll be a bit pricey) is controlling model trains with it. I've got a Linux laptop doing that using a Digitrax DCC system and JMRI, and its the best thing I've ever seen for model train control. The Pi 1 was a bit too sluggish to run JMRI but the 2 shouldn't have any issues. If you want tips on setup I'm happy to help.

You can also use it as an arcade, but the 1 could do that so I didn't figure that was very creative :P

Currently i have mine using Deluge to Automatically download torrents which is supplied via a rss feed from showrss.com and they are then transfered to a pc via ftp. it works pretty well at the moment, but the only issue is i cant save to an external usb for some unknown reason,I think its something to do with permissions still investigating. but the next project might be kind of a steam box type of thing for in home streaming. But a definite project will be a "smart" bed side able with voice commands ect. i will probs do a build log for that when it comes around. Well thats what i'm doing with mine for far, any feed back is much appreciated.

In the life of my pi I have used it as a ROM player

And as a media center using XBMC and Project Free Tv
http://www.raspbmc.com/ -OS
https://superrepo.org/kodi/addon/plugin.video.projectfreetv/ - Project Free TV installation

Project Free TV links too streams of pretty much any TV show or movie, the pi version is very clean. However make sure you have paid for the content on another platform first, otherwise it is illegal.