[RANT] Misuse of the word "Enthusiast"


That's All..

Then again maybe its my problem for making a big deal out of something so trivial.


the term enthusiast is started to be aimed at the mid-tier comstumers and is overall hurting the word


Enthusiast ... It used to mean someone who knows their shit when it comes to tech. Now I'm not sure what it is supposed to be lol.

The actual dictionary definition is

: a person filled with enthusiasm: as
a : one who is ardently attached to a cause, object, or pursuit
b : one who tends to become ardently absorbed in an interest

So I think really anyone who has a strong interest in something could be considered an enthusiast. Even if somebody knows jack shit about something, but they are really interested in it, they would still be an enthusiast.


"I spent a bunch of money to put together static sensitive legos."

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That's the thing, isn't it? If you don't have a highest of the heigh end tech with overstocked cpu and multi gpu setup, nowadays also water-cooled with led-s and stuff, you can't possibly be an enthusiast. You obviously aren't elite enough...

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Enthusiast..... Fuck you linus you piece of shit.

Enthusiast doesn't mean 4999.99 for a laptop or dual CPU bullshit (though I love that bullshit), enthusiast should mean getting the best bang at any cost. I'm a poor piece of shit. My other laptop is a core 2 duo pile of shit that can't even load windows that well so I'm on a pentium M in windows 2000. Runs as fast as my desktop to be honest. Tried linux, sucked ass, went for efficiency. Throwing money at shit is not enthusiasm, thats being a whiney little bitch who wants it their way.

I really hate consumers. A lot. Durr durre dell teehee No. Take your dell and shove it up your ass. Put that i7 in your multidimensional asshole. If you're an enthusiast you know that you need what where and what level of hardware. Office? APU. Workstations? Probably Xeons. What is the most effective shit. I HATE consumerist markets. I despise the use of the word enthusiast, and lastly, I'm a grump and I know it.


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Funny you're hating on Linus considering he said multiple times "enthusiast" does not mean, fastest, most elegant, or most expensive.

All markets are consumerist.

Enthusiast just means you're deeply interested and care about a subject. At the end of the day what people call themselves shouldn't matter to you. Unless your that insecure that it affects your own identity in some way. Which, in that case, is just pathetic


Linus is still a little piece of crap. I haven't watched his videos in more than an year, but it seems he haven't changed. He is notorious for endorsing the most expensive, no matter value for money. 500$ chairs, skewed videos, misrepresenting stuff to prove his point, shilling for money, fanboyism, etc... Obviously that is what makes you big on YouTube...

I hate the over use of the word gaming more... I came across a case the other day that said gaming on the quick releases for the 5.25 bays... WHY!?!?!?

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Because it was enthusiast.

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Wait what? Quick release for the optical bay? What does that have to do with gaming?

The fuck if I know, had the word gaming molded into them though.

Companies are money enthusiasts.

There is no SIGH big enough...
I also love, how both "enthusiast" and "gaming" branded products are both full of crap, nobody will ever use and are more expensive than the regular actually functional products... But as Linus have been teaching us - if it's 500$ must be good...
Who needs LED lights on everything and 500 voltage points on the motherboard, like who overstocks using those? Like 10 people in the world...
Now we have water-cooled power supplies with LEDs, because that's safe, and obviously the LEDs the older boards are using was speeding up the plastic corrosion, so reports of pci-e slots literally breaking on gaming led boards are starting to creep in...

I feel empathy with your post with regard to consumers, tacky bling on electronics etc. It creates sales and thats a good thing for jobs and new toys for us to get as well I suppose.

I consider myself an "Enthusiast" , I do not buy the top top end hardware as its to expensive for me and I would not really need it (3d gaming makes me feel dizzy). I'm thinking of upgrading my 2500K system and want an X99 but I know its overkill for me a I5 K part would probably be what I should get. I do not even need that really ( I have the new build nagging at me feeling)

I am amazed how far micro electronics has come in regard to speed and storage over the time since just the last 10 years not so much in the last few though.

I consider myself an enthusiast as I love tech, I started on 8080 machine code in the early 1980s

an have had many different systems over the last 30 years. wasted a lot of money on stuff i did not really need, thats what you do when you get hooked on PC tech !

Enthusiast, the word is used as a marketing buzz to sell to consumers, sounds good.

Gaming stuck on everything including office chairs that look like car sports seats I find mad.

It is just marketing Kool-Aid that some uneducated elitist have taken to heart.

Monetary value means nothing when it comes to how much you care about something.

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but a funny and cute grump!

really hope this doesnt offend you. I'll run away just in case

I agree that Enthusiast has nothing to do with cost, my brother has way more powerful hardware that I do, seriously he has an i7 4770K, GTX 1080, 16GB of Memory, 1TB 850 EVO compared to my i5 4690K, GTX 970 (I'm actually using his old GTX 980 right now but for the sake of argument I am listing stuff I paid for myself), 8GBs of Memory, and a 120GB 850 EVO/240GB cheapo non-brand SSD. My hardware is way more reasonable in terms of price vs performance than his, and yet I know much more about this stuff than he does and I doubt he'd even call himself an Enthusiast as he asks me about the hardware before he buys anything.

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