Random partion poped up

Hello. As of today i started looking into linux and i tried out linux mint from usb without installing. I then exited to go back into windows and it came up with some message along the lines of "reparing", a few seconds passed and then i booted back into windows. Now there is a "data" partion when i go to file explorer. It is 100mb and basically full.


Itwasent here before but i wanted to know if there is anyway i can merge it will my C partion or can i hide it?

well if it is an NTFS file sys drive possibly but in all likely hood its a EXT4 if it was made by linux, it also could be a swap partition.

How could I go upon finding oit what type it is? If it is a ext4 and therefore made by Linux could I just delete it since I never installed linux I just tested it out via "live cd" (or I think that's what it is called).


i had already tried to merge it with my windows installation before making this post and I got a error and they wouldent merge

Try GParted and put it on a USB or CD and go to it's partitioning tool which is also GParted and look at the partitions

I just want to know if you can move the data partion into you instillation partion