Random Krita Slowdown?

I’m using krita to learn how to use my tablet in linux. I don’t think this is a problem with linux itself, I think its only with krita. If I draw a line out to an angle, re adjust it, it takes krita a solid 30 seconds to draw the line, redraw the line, technically place it when I let go, then another minute for it to just chill out some while krita freezes and has half of a seizure. Now I COULD use something like gimp, but it doesn’t have all of the niceties of krita. Inkscape is the only other thing I sorta know how to use. I’m not buying photoshop to do line art and draw furries and do half ass painting, so what are my options here?

I’m on ubuntu 17.10, and before anyone asks, I drew a bunch of lines and watched the system monitor app, no random spikes or 100%-ing, and I reset all my brush defaults and played with brush resolutions a LOT. Still no dice, krita is just being a laggy pile of shit as far as I am concerned.

Asking them on twitter.

Are brushes GPU accelerated in Krita? I’ve seen a lot of GPU compatibility/driver problems in Photoshop with similar symptoms.

I…Have no clue! I don’t think I have much of a choice on that end if thats the problem.

If it is, there might be some config you can play with… hopefully they can throw you some knowledge on twitter.


I usually work in Windows, but it could be the dimensions of your artboard. What size are you working at? I’ve gone to around 20x20 inches, and while the program is still fairly snappy, covering a large area with a brush stroke can make it a big sluggish at that size.

Uhhh, well pixel wise I set it to about 9000X7500, but it lags at 1280X720, 800X600, doesn’t really matter what I set it to. It doesn’t even need to be a big brush stroke. Just the line tool itself lags.

Maybe I should go back to arch? I might not have this sorta problem there… I didn’t before my 17.10 install… That’ll be annoying as hell.