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Rambox snap stopped launching on Pop_os 20.04

Hello! I have recently switched to pop os from windows when 19.10 was released. I have been using an app called “Rambox” to manage my many email inboxes i have to manage for work. After updating to 20.04 I can not launch any of my snap applications I am perfectly happy to switch to flatpak versions of the applications I have installed however rambox does not appear to have a flatpak version. Does anyone know how I can fix this? There is a appimage version available as well so if worse comes to worst I can install that.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Also considering switching to Manjaro Gnome if I can not fix this.

I apologize for my ignorance apparently uninstalling and reinstalling snap apps fixes the issue I was having. If an admin wants to delete this post I won’t be offended. lol

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…Or just let it last in case someone has an issue and doesn’t think to re-install a snap? Anyone can forget to switch it off and on again, so to speak…

Might make the title a little less generic, and a bit more specific though?

Like Rambox snap stopped launching on Pop_os 20.04… [Fixed]


I remember having issues with this on several distros (and also with flatpaks) and usually restarting the computer helped :man_shrugging:

I don’t know why but when I did a system reboot it did not resolve the issue. I just ran into a new issue. I was trying to remove my snap apps to install the flatpak versions and slack did not uninstall. When I run snap list in the terminal it acts like it is not installed however I can still launch the app. Do you know how I could remove this?

So the current issue is that Slack is still on the computer, and won’t come off?