RAM heatsink problem

I have Corsair Vengeance Pro modules and their top part of  heatsinks are kinda "on loose" (don't know why it's not solid mounted) which randomly makes a noise when my cpu cooler fan increases rotation speed over 70% (not happening each time, i would say 50/50).  So, is it a good idea to put a small drop of glue on my ram module and glue the heatsink solid ?? btw, heatsing is not touching the fan, just about 2/3 mm free space between.


i dont recommend glueing them on, the glue can affect the pcb over time.

u can stick them on better with heatspreadertape or sqeeze the heatsink on a bit tighter

you can also just remove them, they are not needed and mostly for looks anyway

Seems like the fan being so close is causing a vortex. Try moving the ram to the other two ram slots because that is how I have those ram and never had this problem.I know that it is not the manufacturers suggested way but to my knowledge it should not hurt performance as long as you just move each module one space to the right.

Also, Corsair really should have made them tighter and color swappable.

Yap, i expect the the glue may cause some damage, i'll try to squeeze the top a bit and it's vortex for sure, also want to upgrade so maybe i'll buy different modules (with solid mounted heatsinks) and change the slots, thanks guys.

If I were you I would simply remove those heatsinks - they are not really helping - instead they are making your ram run hotter in fact. The ram isn't really going to run hot anymore... there isn't 2.3V in them or something as such so its simple esthetics.

Well, if squeezing won't help i'll remove the tops.

just take them off.  they don't do anything other than cost more.