Ram... 1800 to 2133 mHz. Should I upgrade?

So, tax returns are coming... eventually. and while i wait i have been contemplating upgrading my ram.

I currently have 32GB of DDR3 @1800 MHz. 

My board, the Asus saber tooth rev2, supports 32GB of DDR3 2133 MHz.

the cost for the upgrade: $319

I am already getting 2 R9 270x's to cross fire (dont try to talk me out of it, i'm already set on these) and replace my ageing dual 6870's.

I am wondering if upgrading the ram along with the GFX cards would be worth it, or if I should just stick with the ram I already have.


Your opinions, I want them. Oh and please I guess.

I went from 32gb's of 1600mhz to 32gb's of 2133mhz kingston beast ram, i was able to overclock it a little further to 2200mhz(ish)  (using the divider from fsb overclocking on the sabertooth r2 board).. stable after a mem test so all is good.

I haven't done any fps tests but I did do aida64 ones and there was a fairly big boost to the ram read/write/copy speeds.

My excuse was I was building a machine for my brother so I gave him my old ram kits and bought the new shiny shiny fast ram for myself...

If I hadn't been building a machine for my brother then I don't think I would have spent all that money on what is best a couple of percentage increase in performance.

If you are trying to squeeze extra performance out of your machine the ram should be the last thing on your list as it is the most expense for the least gain.

Nope waste of $319 get x2 780's instead of crossfireing 2 midrange cards.....

No thanks. I'd rather have the two 270x's, especially once mantle makes its splash.

That and I generally prefer amd based parts. See my profile and you will get the idea.

Though I am reconsidering the ram at this point.

Checked your profile...

5400rpm drive :O

With that sort of money burning a hole in your pocket I just can't understand why you don't get an ssd

and I am not talking garden variety ssd either




If you run synthetics all day or run an apu based system you will see real world increases in performance.

but for a normal cpu based system you will not see any difference in performance. Atleast not enough to justify the same price as my monitor ($320 is ridiculous). Sorry- It's a bigger number.

32 gb 1800 MHz ram is already kinda overkill so I don't see why

Because I value storage space over Mbps. That and I do own an ssd, I stuck it in my server so it would boot faster. Besides, who needs an ssd when you have enough ram to load the entire game directory into ram and cut down load times better then any ssd could ever dream of.

I've paid more then that for more then one monitor. In fact the main monitor in my banner pic cost over $400. That's not to brag, just saying that from my perspective, it a decent price.

I don't think upgrading your RAM would be necessary.

I know you said you're set on XFire'd HD 7870s/R9 270Xs, but I will just point out that mid range cards often have more microstuttering issues than higher end cards which are crossfired.

Sorry, but upgrading the RAM is a complete waste of money.

I have the same MOBO, and the same CPU as well as the same amount of RAM. Mine is clocked at 2133Mhz. I went from 16GB of 1600Mhz to 32GB of 2133. (I needed the increased capacity for rendering and video editing and such and I got the kit from a friend for an amazing price ($150)). 

The performance in game is identical. You won't need it. Unless you are using an APU RAM speed is pretty irrelevant. 

Use that money to buy an SSD, better graphics cards, games, anything. But RAM. You don't need it. 

well i think to be fair spending 400 on ram and a monitor are in two different ballparks. you're going to be starring at the monitor for its whole life- you may never fully utilize 32GB of ram.