Rainmeter or Other Overlay with XBox Controller Support?

Built myself a HTPC for my gaming room with a old Q8300 and a HD 6790 with 4GB of DDR2 RAM that will also run games locally and via Steam at home streaming, going to have it hooked up to a flat-screen CRT TV via one of those HDMI to AV adapter boxes.
I'm hoping there is some sort of Windows overlay I can use that has Xinput or general controller support so I won't have to buy another wireless keyboard/trackpad and control the system with just my XBox controller and the chatpad connected to it, was thinking of something like a Rainmeter theme that has controller support or a similar overlay.
I've currently have it setup to load up Kodi on start up so I can control everything through that, however this isn't ideal as it will sometimes load up in the background causing me to have to click into it anyway.
Also I don't want to use Xpadder or similar software to turn the controller into a mouse because I'm planning to use the controller to run games with native Xinput support