Is it possible to put two different hardrives in raid? like the Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB Hard Drive 10k hard drive and anothe 500gb one I want to put my games on the first one and then keep all my other information on my 500gb hardrive

and if so what raid would u recommend

no you cant do that. what you want is to just use the hard drives normally make the raptor your main drive on which you install then use the 500 for mass storage.

with raid 0 information is spread between the 2 hard drives so you if you had 2 300 gb drives you would still only have 300 gb of storage, and if one fails you loose everything. the other most common raid configuration basically copy's all data exactly between multiple hard drives so that if one fails your data isnt lost. this is slower though since everything is done twice. (disk mirroring) or(raid1) as it is called.

all the other types raid dont really matter for anything you would be doing. so ya dont worry about them.

hopefully that helps.

Where would i set up the configuration

if you have a 300 and 500 gb hard drive you are not going to be using a configuration, you just install them. what exactly are you planning to do, are u building a new system?

yeah when i get the money i am building a whole new system and it is going to be my first build

so are you planning on doing raid 0, i really wouldnt recommend it for a first build. Its really a lot of hype, you will shave off a few seconds loading time but it wont help in game if you build a good system and then you need to get 2 identical hard drives and ya, its just a waste of money, in my opinion.

oh okay so i think i am going to do what u suggested by making by 300gb my main stoarge and the 500 gb the mass storage drive

it will just make things a lot simpler for you. all you are going to have to do this was is install them how you normally would, i mean its just going to be a matter of pluging them into their sata slots, then when windows prompts you for were to install youll just select the 300. once done you will format the 500 using disk management and you are done. and ya you wont have to mess with raid software or hardware configurations and you will have more storage space for less money.

i was doing that for a while until i got vista and set up a dual boot.

thanks i really apreicate it i am going to go to bed i am going to do that