RAID (maybe) to my workstation

Hello! I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
I have a single workstation built into a Meshify 2 XL in storage mode and number of mechanical drives: 2x 1TB, 2x 2TB, 1x 4TB, 1x 8 TB, and 3x 16TB (I’m hoping these Exos’s were a good purchase). I am slowly but surely replacing the lower capacity drives with 16TB ones.

In a perfect world I would have a separate machine dedicated to be a NAS running unRAID. However, I am limited to a single motherboard and CPU currently.
I am looking for a RAID(ish) Linux software solution to run within my Arch host OS that can offer data redundancy and (hopefully) the ability to regenerate lost data when replacing a dead drive. And hopefully support SSD caching!

Separately, I am wondering if I can run unRAID on a virtual machine via qemu,kvm,libvert. And if so, would I see a loss in transfer speed accessing files via a VM unRAID with my host or guest VMs.

Thanks so much in advance!