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Raid driver for TRx4 on Linux

Does anyone successfully installed rcraid drivers for RAID on Linux ?
Well basic question really is do those drivers are supported on TRx4 ?

Reason why I do ask is that after patching official drivers I had to uninstall them as they crashed on Debian 10.2 stable (stock kernel).

Anyone have some noob guide for installing them on Linux?

This is for Asus Zenith II Extreme mobo.

What is the requirement that you use the rcraid driver over Linux’s native RAID capabilities?

I have HV RAID 0 on 2 drives non OS ones on TRx40 platform.
Using mobo RAID so I don’t need to tinker with each OS (using Windows and Linux).

Coming form x299 it was as simple as installing drivers and IIRC Linux did provided them out of the box so nothing needed to be done there but with TRx4 platform it’s different and drivers are not provided out of the box.

There is no requirement and I can live without RAID on Linux side of things this is just media drive and main reason and ONLY one for using RAID on those 2 drives is… to much drives in system :D. So I want to minimize them as much as possible. Data is backed up so no need to worry about RAID KIA.

Bottom line I want to make everything work on Linux side for TRx40 platform nothing more.