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RAID 1 issues, X399, Win 10


Has anyone else had problems with RAID 1 under Windows 10 with a X399 chipset (Threadripper 1920x)? Specifically the RAID controller suddenly thinking a drive was removed from the array? I suspect a Windows update caused the issue, but need more data to verify.

This is a brand new build, Threadripper 1920x not overclocked, 32GB ECC RAM, ASRock Taichi x399 board, latest Windows 10 for Workstations x64, pair of 2TB Samsung SSD’s in RAID-1. Only the latest AMD RAID drivers worked with this build of Win 10, earlier driver versions would not load. All was fine for 12 hours, then I started a Windows update that included some updates for Windows itself. I returned to find a RAID critical error that one drive had been (according to the software) physically removed. So I took the “failed” drive to another machine, verified that it is still operating fine, wiped it then added it back to the RAID-1 array and it’s now rebuilding. Given that the AMD RAID drivers for Win 10 have been imperfect in the past, I suspect the Windows update had something to do with this. But has anyone else found RAID-1 to be generally unreliable with a similar configuration?