RAID 0 boot on Mint

Hey guys, I moved from windows 10 to mint recently and was wondering if I’m booting from raid 0 correctly. With windows I used the Intel “we say it’s hardware but it’s actually software” raid and striped two sdds into a raid 0 array that gave me 1GBps throughput.
To obtain the same result in mint I found an article about it here ( and followed the guide in the pages 18-22 ( ) that basically taught me to divide the disks in 4 partitions each ( /boot, / , swap and /home) and then stitch them together with MDADM using ext4 on all four except boot. I made the /boot partition with 256 mb but now every time I boot Mint tells me it’s running out of space on /boot with only a few mb remaining.

Am I doing RAID 0 on Mint the right way? What is a good size for a /boot partition? Should I have used btfrs instead of ext4?

So the quirk with Ubuntu based distros is that they tend to keep a few different versions of the kernel. I recommend allowing 1GB for /boot.

You appear to be doing raid0 correctly.

Your choice. btrfs risks stability and incorrect free space reporting. For example, let me show you my root btrfs disk:

/dev/sda3       3.3T  1.9T  192M 100% /

It’s still go a whole 1.4T available, see below:

sudo btrfs fi us / 
    Device size:                   3.21TiB
    Device allocated:              1.82TiB
    Device unallocated:            1.39TiB
    Device missing:                  0.00B
    Used:                          1.82TiB
    Free (estimated):              1.39TiB      (min: 711.20GiB)
    Data ratio:                       1.00
    Metadata ratio:                   2.00
    Global reserve:              512.00MiB      (used: 0.00B)

BTRFS is going to be significantly slower than ext4, so there’s that to consider as well.

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