RAGE Issues

So my brother bought me the pc game RAGE a couple of weeks ago, and when he gave it to me I went straight to Steam to activate it (as you do).

I would just like to add I do not buy games from the store anymore, over the past couple of years I just get my games digitally distributed, hopefully without DRM, and this is mainly so I can avoid problems like I am about to tell you.

So as I was saying when I went to activate the RAGE pc game on steam (as per the instructions in the box that came with the game), I received the message that said the game has already been activated ( < this is the problem btw). So immediately I went and called up the EB Games store from which my brother purchased the game at, and told them my situation. They said I could return my product and receive a full refund or swap the game for another game, as the problem I had was apparently with a bunch of the new copies of RAGE that were released to the stores.

So a couple of days later when I had some time I went to the EB Games store and asked for a refund of the game, (as per their instructions on the phone when I called a couple of days earlier), in which I was informed that I was not allowed to return the game. I accepted this knowing that RAGE is a decent game and I just wanted play it, (even though in retrospect I should have probably talked to the manager about returning it, all I simply wanted to do was to get a solution solved as quickly as possible at the time). So I then asked a worker in the EB Games store for a solution to my problem, as they did not let me return the RAGE pc game. The worker then said that I would have to contact Bethesda by email and ask them for a working steam key for RAGE.

I must also note that under the ACL (Australian Consumer Law), an individual has the right to return a product if it is not fit for the purpose of which it was intended, (in this case the purpose was to install and play the full game), this is just so you guys know I have the right to return the game, but I would prefer not to travel back to the store to do this. However, reminiscing on my previous visit to the store I wasn't going to go all legal on their ass anyway, even though I have the right to according to law in Australia, if a product is not fit for its use.

So I accepted what the worker said wanting to avoid any more hassles and any more long and boring conversations with the workers, so I went home and contacted Bethesda as the worker from the store had told me to. So I then sent my problem to Bethesda’s contact email which was for technical issues with the game, it has now been a couples of weeks and I still haven't received a reply from Bethesda about my steam key for RAGE. I seem to have just been ignored, which means I have a copy of the disc which doesn’t work without a working steam key. So what do you guys think i should do e.g. contact steam or contact Bethesda again, etc. I would like to hear your thoughts and if anyone else has had this same problem.


TL:DR - RAGE Steam key doesn't work and Bethesda will not reply. What should I do?

Punctuation please.  So I can read it without getting eye strain.

As for the TL:DR.  It's a steam issue, they should provide a new key.

Okay thanks for info, I contacted them. Also about how long (aprrox.) will I have to wait.

Hmm... sounds to me like someone at EB games was dodgy and allowed someone to return it (... after they had activated it no doubt, and probably realized that the game wouldn't run on their PC, or maybe just didn't like it....). But was the activation code in a sealed "void if removed" type thing? I'm not sure if they actually do that... I don't normally buy PC games in store, but they definately should do something like this if they don't. Its totally reasonable for EB not to accept the return, if the game has already been activated by you, after all, your not really buying the DVD, game manuals etc... you're really only buying a steam key for the game in the box - how should they know whether you're being dishonest or not.

But anyway, I think steam have a thing where if you send them a scan of the serial key they will move the game from whoevers steam library to your own, in case of fraud and things like that... definately Steam, and not Bethesda's problem though.

If all else fails though, I would just pirate the game (if you don't want the multiplayer); it's not your fault that the key which you LEGALLY bought didn't work.

Thanks, great response.

Yep someone may have returned the game after they activated it on their account, but when I asked the worker in the store he said that, no-one activated it, it was just a problem with new copies of RAGE that were released to stores. I also agree with you about not buying games from stores, because it just avoids hassles and problems when you get games digitally distributed.

Yeah so I have contacted steam recently, I guess I will just have to wait and see if they can get me a working steam key for RAGE (hopefully). I don't know why the worker told me to contact Bethesda though, maybe he didn't know what else to do.

As of pirating the game, I was contemplating that, and I guess I have the right to since I can't return it and I can’t install it, even though it was purchased by legitimate means. Yeah and as you said the multiplayer will not work if I pirate it, so that’s a shame. Anyway thanks for all the information it is really helpful.

Any luck with Steam support?  Sometimes it can take a while.

Thanks for asking, but no. It's been awhile since I've contacted steam and still no reply :'(

you think you have issues now, just wait until you play the game

Also this. I flipped out until i could get it running. And even then, it ran like shit and was not at all fun.

I'd suggest going legal on their ass. 

Yeah I head there’s tons of issues, sadly I was only told this after I received the game, well this sucks.


Still no reply from steam, I wonder what they are doing...


Brace yourself, here come the Half-Life 3 memes...



This one cracks me up so much :')