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Radeon VII Tech Demos?


So my workstation build is currently sporting a Threadripper 2950x and Radeon VII GPU.

Are there any fun things to run on the GPU and/or CPU for benchmarking and testing purposes ?

Yes I have 3DMark, but would the Heaven Benchmark show/do more with the setup or is this just a case of six of one, half-dozen of the other ?

I was trying to find some Tech Demo’s on AMD website to run but unlike the old ATi days where you could download tech demos and they were included on the optical discs, that is no longer the case it appears :frowning:

Also was wondering if there are any replacements to Tencoder that would support GPU upsampling of media files, but this maybe due to Tencoder just being a front end GUI for ffmpeg.



well, the newest, most demanding unigine benchmark is superposition, not heaven.

There’s also cinebench, monte carlo, and blender benchmarks



Thanks, I will be checking them out :slight_smile: