Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.1

Anyone using the new Crimson ReLive drivers? Are they stable for older gen cards? I am still at 14.12 Omega, and they have been Rock Solid for me. Those ReLive edition are offering game recording with about 3-4% performance impact for free, so if i can go away from the freaking Fraps, OBS and Action for different games and use only one software for everything - that would be great. I don't really want to move away from the omega, before i have heard some user opinions. Techpowerup have a nice review and benchmarks and stuff, but i want user feedback. So, have anyone tested those drivers and are they OK with the older generations of Radeon cards?

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@Cavemanthe0ne someone needs your shilling


No need... Already a fanboy... If i didn't had any i would have been going for an AMD SSD, because of the brand alone... I just want to know how are the drivers doing for older cards... Planing on changing the GPU, but will go Zen first and then if i have money left...

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Yes it's fine for the most part. though the performance gains they claim I don't really see them. but then again I run my 470 overlocked. ReLive (the Shadowplay Alternative) it's great if you can get it to work. I installed the driver this morning, and it wouldn't record whatsoever. I updated my system. and it started to work after.


was on going joke

I am secretly jealous of his red team + ties and massive checks he gets from AMD. I have amd cpu and gpu too, but have not updated my drivers yet

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The thing is, i am running 270X... Are those drivers polaris specific, or can i run them on my overclocked 7870 as well? It's 3 gens behind so... yeah...
@MFZuul, who isn't secretly jealous of a Red Team + MEMBER ship??

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i dont get any money nor can i sell any of the "free" hardware lol

But I have played with the new drivers yes, and they are quite nice. The streaming is really good. Only a 5% perf hit un games usually.
Here is a stream with Relive + Hitman Absolution

im on a 390+390X btw


Can you send me a fury x then please... YOU DON"T NEED IT

onnn topic, I like the read ups I've seen on the new drivers. Warms my cockles, now if there is streaming to devices, like say a GPD win I would be happy
yes I could do it from steam I guess but would be cool to do with other games without Steam

I'm dumb and lazy, how does that stack up to a 285 oc compact? As in is the 280 pretty much like the 380 and so on?

It will be fine. the 270x isn't on Legacy yet. though it probably will be next gen.

Also Here's my test

DX12 breaks on this lol


You are joking, right?

I don't care. I'm not moving away from W7 for as long as possible.

There are rumors, Zen based APUs may have similar graphics performance... So it may be kicked out before it is legacyfied...


no and you made me look it up you monster

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I will say this, 4GBS of VRAM for modern titles is not enough anymore. but back on topic. the driver is fine for the most part. the most I had to deal with was ReLive (That's the name for the Shadowplay Alternative) not work and I have no idea why. I updated windows and it started to work.

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I try using it but had some massive system audio lag. Mic audio was on point though.

Anyone else has this issue?

Well, i will make an YouTube video with some ... amateurish benchmarks comparing my old drivers with the new one and post it here in a couple of days...
Some content for my channel and some info for the forum as well...
Let's say monday... I hope. Strongly...

seem to be working fine on my r9 290 other than gpu memory not ramping up when running multiple monitors

So Re-Live does not work with 96kHz audio. Run it at 44.1khz for best results.

I don't notice any performance improvement because I've been keeping up to date with their none WHQL drivers. You will only see gains if you're updating strictly from WHQL drivers to WHQL drivers since they are far apart in release dates. Plus, the Radeon Chill feature (which improves frametimes) is only applicable to their whitelist of games, so if you don't play any of those games you're not really benefiting from it, although, the number of supported games in the whitelist should grow over time.

ReLive does work, provided you don't game on Window Borderless mode. I tried it once when playing Fallout New Vegas modded to run in Window Borderless mode for better performance (Gamebryo Engine sucks!) and sound wasn't recorded properly and I had rubber-banding/lag when playing. It's probably got to do with the "Record Desktop" being turned on which I suspect isn't stable with Window Borderless mode. Furthermore, I'm unable to change the hotkeys. The performance is about on par with Plays.TV but ReLive edges out because of the 320kbps audio option, however, I found Plays.TV to be stable out of the two when recording Fallout New Vegas in Window Borderless mode.

Oh, this will be rough...
OK, i'm on the new drivers...
Blue screened once and froze once.
the drivers are OK, the games i tested either have no improvement what so ever, or a couple FPS extra, so basically meh when it comes to framerate improvements. I'm fine with that. I wanted to see the recording software...
How to say that...
IT'S SHIT. 3 games i tried to record. The hotkey doesn't work, the overlay is not overlaying, it crashed my PC twice - once BSOD, once frozen to the point of hard reset... When it works - it's noticeably lighter than Mirilis Action, that i am currently using. But i tried to record 3 games, and my PC died during 2 of them...
Yeah, i think i'm sticking with Action.
And this is compared to old Omega 14:12... Those are old ass drivers, and the brand new ones are not really improving much performance if any at all...
Will edit the video tomorrow and upload it then...