Radeon RX 5600 XT (Navi 10) suspend on Ubuntu

On radeon GPU is suspend to RAM / sleep supposed to just work? When I try to suspend it does something in the back round; screen goes blank, but then goes back to lock screen immediately after that.

I just recently got second hand RX 5600 XT, as there are some available now. My first Red team GPU. So I have no idea about even about the basics e. g. is there some kernel parameters and some options to put somewhere to make suspend work and in general.

I’m running (testing) Ubuntu 22.10, kernel 5.19 with latest updates and even tried Oibaf PPA for latest mesa drivers. All work the same.

I’ve been trying to do my home work on this issue. But there is some much catching up to do after years of Nvidia stuff… Also If you have good pointers what to read / need to know when running AMD GPU:s?

What’s strange is that there doesn’t seem to be even single line of logs about amdgpu at the time when system tries to do suspend. At least on journalctl or dmesg.

I would really like to know if suspend just works on most of these navi cards? So if you happen to have working suspend on 5600, 5700 (navi 10) please let me know.

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