Radeon R7 260x and R7 250 crossfire?

Hello, I am building a new system and I was planning on putting an R7 260x in my MATX system and in order to fit my sound card in to i will need to put an R7 250 in crossfire with the 260x because the 250 i found from msi is a single slot and the 260x is double and my sound card is single. my mobo will live without the soundcard but it would be nice to have it if i need to run 2 R7 260x in crossfire. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks.

                                                                                                           -Regards Parker W.


The R7 260X and R7 250 are based on completely different architectures and cannot be crossfired, you will need to get 2 R7 260X if you want to crossfire

not architecture, but base core, what's required for crossfire (edit: even if you could crossfire them the 260x would slow down to the 250's level, and a 260x would be far superior to 2x250)

what you could do is buy a pci-e riser for the sound card, so you can plug it into the slot under the cooler but have the card moved out of the way

if i read this correct this is a brand new system? why are you trying to crossfire entry level cards? just buy a better single card