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Radeon Pro cards - driver situation in Linux?

Guys - Anyone using the Radeon Pro WX series cards - WX2100/3100/4100/5100 etc?
I heard that using Radeon Pro drivers causes crashes and other issues. How is the experience using these cards with AMDGPU drivers instead of AMDGPU-PRO?

Also, how are the thermals and noise?

I have one of those Raptor Talos II Power9 workstations with a Radeon Pro card in it. It seems to work very well with the standard Linux AMD drivers.

The thermals seem fine and the noise is impossible to hear over the whine of the dual power-supply fans, not to mention the CPU coolers. I kind of wish they had chosen a Super Micro case with one big PSU rather than the server style dual redundant.

However all of this is kind of tongue in cheek since I know you’re likely asking about some x86-64 standard type system.

Hi - Thanks for the reply. So no crashes etc?

Haha - yes, I was asking about a standard x86-64 system. I guess noise is not an issue, if you are working with systems like that.

Pro drivers have screen tearing that can be fixed with editing a config file and Davinci Resolve 16’s fairlight is broken with a black timeline.

Nothing inherently wrong, but it seems that driver is getting close to abandoned.