Radeon 7950 Waterblock Help

I have a problem I just brought: (Sapphire Radeon HD7950 3GB OC Edition V3)


I'm trying to find a waterblock for it and acording to EK the 7970 block is for this model.


Is this correct and what other blocks will be okay for this card.

I live in Australia so everything is over the top in prices so the cheaped the better. 


Have to real careful mate, double check that you have the two rows of caps to the right of the core. Original reference designs used a 7970 pcb and they had a single row of caps.

Yours should be like mine - so an FC7950 block should fit. Can grab one from the joint down the road from me here in west oz:


I made the mistake when i first bought my 7950 thinking that it was indeed a reference design. I then bought a 7970/50 reference design block, only to find out that it wouldn't clear the second row of caps.

Blocks perform quite well. No flaking or corrosion in mine so far after a year of use. Grab the backplate for  it as well. Really finished it off and looks really neat.

Hope this is some help mate.

Well I guess I'll just wait for all my parts to come and tear down the card.

I'll upload a pic of it when I get it, hopefully early next week.

Looks like I'm running my computer without water cooling for a bit. Well I guess I can mesure it all up and double check everything.


Okalasso I got my stuff today and Now I need to find a water block to fit my GPU.

so again it's the sapphire Radeon 7950 dual-x and here are some pics.

(if you need me to I'll pull the fan and heatsink off but odd prefer to avoid it until I get the water block.

Well it appears I can't upload them cause I'm on my phone but ill reply to this with the pics.

Not showing up on herre so here are the links.

Image 1

Image 2

Hope that works

From what I can see from the pictures, you will not be able to get a waterblock for this card.

Firstly it isn't reference based (no AMD mark by the PCI-e connector)

Secondly there appears to be a 3rd party heat sink already attached to the VRMs on the PCB. Which indicates a different design to reference.

Matching the model it appears to be a 11196-19. Which EK do not make a block for, as it is not reference based. As almost all block manufacturers only produce fullcover water blocks for the reference PCB. I doubt you will find a block to fit.

Take off your heatsink and if your pcb looks like mine (which im sure it will) - the FC7950 block that i linked to from ple will fit.

Contrary to the above post, there are 2 designs that have been made for 7950's, one for the 7970pcb true reference designs that are as rare as rocking horse shit and the re-designed pcb - like that of club3d, his, sapphire, gigabyte, powercolour. The originals had just a single row of caps to the right of the core, designs like that of mine below have 2 rows.

Lucky I have some thermal compound floating around to put back on...

Only the one row.

Woah that is a spun out design. Kinda a mongrel really. This design is completely new to me (sorry zangiator), and I've taken apart nearly every card that comes though. Even that shroud on the bios switch is in the way. You could mod a block to fit with a little dremel work but I hate to say it but looks like the easiest way is to grab a universal block.

Maybe hope that it dies and you can swap it for another card, one that doesnt share this mogrel of a design.

Yeah I'll just stick with my CPU watercooling and then just go for a new card when I have the space cash.

See how the air cooling hold up on this card I guess.

Buy some good compound and replace the stuff I put on.

Thanks for the help everyone.