Radeon 6670 crossfiring

Hey there i'm trying to crossfire my 6670 with my apu but when i download the amd catalyst drivers for crossfiring,the option isn't shown in AMD vision control center to crossfire.

Help please

ok first plug your display cable into the motherboard video then boot into windows and enable the APU onboard graphics THEN go into amd catalyst and hybrid crossfire the 6670 with the APU


Hope it helped!

I am not sure about you but my msi mobo has an option in the bios to enable "AMD dual graphics mode"

as teebler mentioned its called dual graphics not crossfirex

when I first build my htpc using fm1 there was no option in the bios and you had to do what I said.

maybe its changed but heres a video that beter explains what I was trying to say





Told you, these are good people.