Rackspace exchange outage, how to upload.pst files into o365 cloud email

rackspace is working on recovering entire email accounts as .pst files for like outlook imports and such.

I found a way to use azure storage to basically upload a .pst file from my workstation to the o365 cloud, then I point it at a mailbox and it imports it into that inbox as its own folder. It won’t migrate the email, I would have to move things manually within the mail box. This is fine for smaller email setups, but some people have hundreds of folders for emails etc. We would typically use bit titan email migration like cloud to cloud and it would reconcile the emails and folder structure automatically.

anyone else dealing with stuff like this cuz rackspace went down? or just me?

anyone got any linux solutions I can spin up on my server and shove these .pst files up into o365 cloud?


If your domain’s email is in 365 now, and rackspace are giving you the dumped PST’s, this link describes means to allow you to bulk import them -

Note this following CSV value from the mapping file facilitates merge into the same mailbox location as the pst -

TargetRootFolder Specifies the mailbox folder that the PST file is imported to.

If you leave this parameter blank, the PST file will be imported to a new folder named Imported at the root level of the mailbox (the same level as the Inbox folder and the other default mailbox folders).

If you specify / , the folders and items in the PST file are imported to the top of the folder structure in the target mailbox or archive

(ctrl+f in article for additional).

You’d have to use the AzCopy uploader which is a download. I’d not even bother with trying to run it on Linux, it just adds additional complications that are all a thousand times more annoying than using a VM with mapped storage to your PST’s.

Depending on - how many mailboxes you’re going to have to deal with, how easily you can get/reset the current account’s 365 passwords however - it may be far more straightforward to use outlook in a VM (or VM’s) to import the pst’s you’re given by rackspace directly.

I’d only really be considering the above if I was looking at maybe 10+ mailboxes, depending on the circumstances.

yeah wow thanks for the info, we thought about doing the VMs, but my windows server is on the bench right now as the rust drives are dying out, probably going to try and put some flash in it and get it back up

this whole rackspace thing has been a nightmare, non stop putting out fires since the start of December, why isn’t this on the news? did level1 mention it on the daily shows?