Rack Unit Suggestion - Underdesk

I am looking for suggestions for a rack that will be placed under a desk. Max height is 25", which seems likely a 12U is the maximum here. I plan on mounting a 3U (potentially a 4U) server (for local web development) , some switches, a battery back-up, and potentially an audio patch bay. The big issue here is the max depth is absolutely 24". Wheeled would be ideal, still needs to stay under the 25" height though.

Current plan chassis for the server is an iStarUSA D-313SE-MATX-2B126SA. I need something with ATX power supply support as this is going in a bedroom, and will be used with a streaming set-up.

The NavePoint 12U Adjustable Depth 4-Post Open Frame Rack is nearly perfect but it’s about 1.5" too tall.

Build the Ikea ladda Lack rack maybe? Or build your own

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12U and 2ft depth isn’t much. Does that 2ft also include cable management?

In this case, consider not using a rack to maximise your space available. You can use Stainless or Alu strips to connect the various parts for rigidity/grounding, but the bottom part (the UPS) needs to be 2" up from the ground for airflow. Also, reconsider your requirements (what do you really need vs what you’d like to have) and the equipment used. (2x 1U 12-port switch takes up more room then 1x 1U 48-port switch)

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Interesting solution. I might go this route. Put the server on the front and then networking gear on the back side (to evenly disperse the weight amongst the 4 legs).

There are some studio desks like what acme makes that you can put some shorter equipment in like 2 a 6 u spaces for network pdu and a shorter rack to hold everything else would be a good route or 2 short racks for desktop ends

Plus from my experience get a full size rack it will always be a problem and fixing that ahead of time would prevent headaches and space management

Slotted Angle Iron is a low cost way to build your own rack and it can be cut into sizes and shapes you want, as well as mounted to walls or under desks.

It is my low cost go to when I cant get what I need for my racks for a price I want.

You can just buy loose rack strips as well, if you want to go entirely custom. Something like these.

I had basically the same constraints and couldn’t find anything that quite fit. I ended up with the rosewill adjustable rack. Looks like the NavePoint is basically the same thing. Definitely oversized for the constraints, but I made due by raising the desk by ~1.5in.

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