R9 290x vs GTX 980 (at current price points)

I have been looking into upgrading my graphics card, and have been considering either the 290x or 980. Currently I have a Radeon  HD 7970 Ghz Edition card. If I can get a R9 290x  for around $300, is there that much of a performance gain to go with the 980, which I have found for $480? I'm no sure if the increase in performance is worth the extra $200?

The MSI R9 290x lightning edition can also be found for around $350, would that be a good choice?

The 980 makes no sense to buy. A 970 or R9 290 makes a much better option as both are nearly as fast but are much much cheaper. Over $250 less in some cases. 

If you're playing mostly at 1080p then go with the 970. If you're playing at 1440p+ go 290X. 

When I was doing some research I saw that a 980 only gave about a 15% gain over the 290x, so in terms of price to performance this makes sense. I'll probably end up getting the Radeon since I have had good experiences with AMD.

Yeah it isn't that much of a difference. At 4K actually they are nearly identical. THe 980 is about 1-3 FPS faster usually. 


It may not be a 290x but they're really close.

Don't forget AMD may be releasing 390x soon..So that should drop the price of the 290x..

Would that really drop them lower than $350? I haven't looked too much into it, but I was under the impression that the 390x would be a much more expensive card, causing the 290x not to drop much, if at all. Could be completely wrong about that though.

Card to look at is the 380X. Apparently, faster than a 980 for the price of a 970.

I bought this back in June http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131548 it has not given me any trouble..It cost me 600$ but I decided on a combo deal (since it was about 30$ maybe 40$ more for the combo deal or something)and got a FX 8350 and the GPU..