R9 290x vs Geforce 780

I've been working on a system build for a little while but I'm stuck on which GPU I should get could you guys help me out? I want straight up facts and pros and cons to each card, thanks for the help.


290x reference: Noisy, hot, relatively high power consumption, fast as hell and comparatively cheap.

780 reference: Little cooler, quieter, reasonable power consumption, fast and expensive

290x non reference: Cooler, quieter, same power consumption, slightly faster again and still a reasonable price. 

780 non reference: Cooler, quieter, same power consumption, slightly faster, slightly more expensive.

I would buy the 290x if it is between that and the 780 but if you have the cash for a 780ti that would be better than the 290x.

Well the R9 290 is much more closely comparable to the 780. It is faster 9/10 times and is cheaper. 

The R9 290X is more money than the 780 but usually quite a lot faster. In terms of performance (on average some games may run faster on other cards) it goes R9 270<GTX 760<R9 280<GTX 770<R9 280X<GTX 780<R9 290<R9 290X<GTX 780 Ti. 


Honestly I feel that the current 4 high end cards are so close you one might as well get the cheapest which is by a large margin the r9 290.

Thanks for the help guys I will probably be getting the 290x.


Any comments on my system build would be cool to.

You don't need an i7 if you are just gaming. Get the 4690k or an 8350.

Get the Kraken X61, newer. Unless it is significantly more money then get the X60.

You only need 8GB for just gaming. Go with whatever is cheapest. RAM is RAM.

Get the 840 Evo. You odn't need the Pro.

Get the Caviar Blue. It is much cheaper and just as good.

You don't need a 1000W PSU. Buy a Corsair RM650. Much quieter and very good.