r9 290x or

So I have a single 7870 in my system and it runs everything just fine for my needs, but, I want some extra power. I have a seasonal job in the winter so in a month or so I can get some more money. I'm thinking about grabbing a second 7870 and just doing a 2 way crossfire because there going for about $175 right now. One of my friends thinks I should just save up and replace my single 7870 for a single r9 290x when the price drops a bit, and more non-reference coolers start becoming available. What do you guys think I should do?

Maybe consider the 290. But as you said, wait for the third party coolers before deciding.

Thats what im doing when I upgrade to a 290 because the stock coolers run way too damn hot.

If you can find a cooler for a 280/280x you can mount it to the 290/290x and it will work just fine.

I feel that is alot of unnecessary work unless we know for a fact that aftermarket coolers are not going to be released for the 290 and 290x.