R9 290x or GTX 970?

Hey, I just can't decide between either of these. Just FYI, both of these cards are the same price where I live. However, I don't know which one is better value. I do know that the 300 series is thought to be coming out soon, so that's one reason to get the 970. However, people say the 290x is better in terms of raw performance. Also, I have a 750watt PSU so power isn't a problemo.

Any ideas?


save some more money, and wait for prices to drop. You might be able to buy 980 much cheaper as they will lower their prices in Q2 2015 as amd 390x is released, unless you for 390.

What month do you think the prices will lower? As I'm really desperate for a new card atm, my current one failed on me. :/

i'd say may-jun time. If you buy anything right now you'll loose about $100 or more (like 200).

If you consider buying now, buy Powercolor 290/x they are cheapest and one of the best
(only better models are sapphire with 8GB and msi lighting edition both expensive.)

290 [very good price]

[don't buy 970, as they lied to customers about its specs]

At this very moment, The R9-290x.
preferably the MSI Lightning Edition or the Sapphire Vapor-X cause those are the two cards that keep the Hawaii GPU at it's lowest temps. Well MSI Lightning having the much lower temps. second best being the Vapor-X.

Rumors of the R9-300 Series are that that they are going to be released this summer. around June or July. I think AMD is going to fix there target audiences with this generation though similar to how Nvidia did this generation with their 900 series cards each card has a target audience in the resolution department. AMD with the R9-370x for mid range, R9-380x for the high end, and the 390X for the Enthusiast [people who want an AMD version of a Titan X].

In the UK, that card isn't priced as well. Also, the reviews aren't good :/

i can tell you its one of the best, same problems were on all of the amd cards; as some models used bad memory banks at the beginning of 290x ref&non-ref models. New models (today) are ok.

Still it has powerful cooler, and by temp its even better than sapphire vapor-x edition.

(i'd go for 290 (not x), since you'll loose money either way, you'll loose less with normal non-x model)

What card would you recommend me purchase for now, as I really need a new GPU asap. I'll probably use it for 10 months and then get one of the 300 series cards. Since I won't be using it for long, I'll be looking to spend around £170 or so.

Any thoughts?

If you find an R9-290 or R9-290x "Sapphire Vapor-X model or "Tri-X" model, I have the R9-290 Tri-X and it's pretty good so i can vouch for that. I'm in America so i can't really find a good deal for you. but those are the two i would push for, also if you find the MSI Lightning Edition 290x i recommend that as well.

The R9-290 Sapphire Vapor-X is £265 for me which is about $400.


looks expensive, amazon has it for 289$ after rebate. (329$ without it)

Go for it.

it kinda sucks that the prices are insane in europe as compared to America, but then again when the R9-300 series comes i don't expect it the prices to get any better. especially AMD has cut the price of the R9-290 and the 290x twice over here.

I can vouch for the 290x Lightning. Great card, so overbuilt. Go waterblock if your'e serious about silence though.