R9-290 G10 Vrm + flex Fix Using Stock Cooler


I have fixed my vrm thermals so i thought i would share how i did it

with just thr g10 on the 290 the vrm's were at 122 degrees c

with the stock cooler they were 80-90 degrees so i got to work

i removed the shroud , thermal pads and fan from the stock cooler 

preheated my oven to 220 c 

i then grabbed two bricks and layed them on an oven tray and sat the card with the fin side down

making sure the bricks only touched the alloy so the vapor chamber could seperate from the alloy

after 10 minutes in the oven the solder between the vapor chamber and the alloy bracket melted

and the vapor chamber simply fell off, i then let it cool for 15 mins and got to work 

the gap for the gpu needed widening and needed holes where the standoffs are located

i grabbed a simple chainsaw file and filed the corners till the standoffs were gone.

that left a slot for each screw to slide through, however the square was still too small.

so with the file i took 3-4mm off each side in a semi circular shape to fit the AIO water block

now the last bit is the bar where the power plugs into the card for this i just hacksawed it off flush

i then washed the heatsink bracket of any filings and gave it a quick coat of black paint

once dry i reattached the thermal pads and screwed it onto the card using the original screws

wow does that remove the flex in the card that fixed one of my complaints of the g10 "card droop"

in the photo above you can also see i have fitted 4 15x15mm alphacool heatsinks above Vrm #2

its not needed but helps lower vrm 2 from 75 to 68

next i fitted the g10 and nzxt x31 AIO to the system as normal. this even looks better than just the g10.

dont mind the cable mess thats only one done now to have some dinner while card #2 is in the oven :P

heres some results for you all at low fan speeds using furmark:

stock card: vrm temps 95c core temp 95c      throttling at stock

g10 no h/s: vrm temps 122c core temp 61c    throttling at 1155mhz oc

g10+stock bracket: vrm temps 82c core temp 61c    stable 1155mhz oc


image below was without the stock heat sink mod notice the card droop