R9 280X GPU Usage Issues

Are you fucking kidding? Look up the Athlon x4 750k before you come in here making a fool. It's an fm2 line cpu! Not the same as the OLD athlons. It was released in 2013

the only benchmark I've ran is uni-heaven and it's right where it oughta be.

I'll be sure to run it and let you know, thanks

Don't listen to other fools,your CPU is fine.

Oh and if you have some time check out this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAgpvWc4VBM

 EDIT:Here check out this video too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIT9uLDjZcg




it's barely better than a Intel Core2 Extreme X9650 which came out in 2008

head scatcher for sure.

Ahh thanks for this. I wish everyone could watch this... This does help though!

Yes indeed. I'm sorry I sorta snapped a bit ago, I just hate when people immediatly say "cpu is bottleneck" without reading further into it. I'm not claiming my cpu to be anything amazing. In fact I even mentioned I expect it to be the weakest link, but with games life bf3/bf4 this SHOULD be more than enough. It WAS working fine, with 100% gpu usage, but now It's being....lame. Did you watch the video Cino linked?


Have you tried this?, its an unrealistic test as nothing should ever use your GPU this hard but it does remove the CPU from the equation.

Also i have heard about MSi afterburner and EVGA tools reporting bad info on GPU usage in some cases.

This isnt a "fix" its just to rule out the CPU and Power issues, if the card runs at max (or near to) in these tests then its mostlikey some kind of software error or maybe something like power management messing around.

Thanks for that. I would understand if it was just bad usage reports, but I believe it 100% as I've seen a drastic performance dropoff. Like I said, I was once utilizing 80-100% at all times, but now it's locked under 50 and my frames are showing it =[

When I ran valley and heaven unigine, both maxed out the gpu aswell.

sorry i did a ninja edit :P.

have you double checked your power management setting in both windows and the GPU drivers?, sometimes these change with updates etc. 

I have checked the windows one and it all checks out, but how do I check driver power management? Mind you I'm running the most recent official 7970 driver as it proves to be a bit more stable than the beta r9 drivers

The options would be in the Catalyst Control Center, would be called performance or power management or something similar (also good idea to look around).

At this point im sorta guessing as i havnt had or used an AMD card in a long time.

Everything with catalyst checks out

Hmm. So I've tried running BF3 a few times since posting this. I'm very fed up with the low usage and low famerate, but I'm built this thing so I'm going to enjoy it damnit! But I've found yet another reason to be utterly disappointed in this computer. Two times in a row the game crashed and I was prompted with the message that the AMD display driver failed. This isn't much of a surprise as I'm using an hd 7900 driver for stability. I'm so tempted to just scrap this whole computer and return all the parts. 

I wouldnt scrap it yet. By the looks of things theres nothing wrong with the hardware it is literally just a case of the driver support isnt there yet. 

Im unsure why MSI afterburner messed it up, unless it tried to hook into the card bios or something and changed a setting.

I'm not sure what it did either. On the bright side, I fired up Bioshock for real, not just the benchmark, and it runs like a dream. I'm getting full GPU utilization, over 120 fps on ultra, so I turned on vsync and alas it's at like 40% but locked at 60fps. I thnk that's good. So I think this must be an issue with BF3. I've read of so many other people having the same problem and it baffles me. 


This is a new bios for a gigabyte 280x.....if this is your card it apparently has helped with crashing and stability issues.

Well i always thought that Vsync naturally reduced GPU load, seeing as it only has to match the refresh rate of your screen.