R9 280 vs 280x need help!

hi guys, I'm buying a new GPU soon and I'm debating wether to get the 280 or 280x.i can get the sapphire r9 280 for £130($210) or I can get a sapphire r9 280x (3 months old) for £145-150($235) of a friend.is it worth the extra money I play at 1080p (60Hz) and mostly AAA titles e.g BF4 and F1 2014.and ruffly what FPS will I be getting from the 280 and 280x.any response will be appreciated.

ps I will be OC them 

Fx4200 at 4.2GHz
12GB ram
500w 32A 12V rail

Many thanks

You should go with the R9 280. The performance difference is so low that if you just overclock the card the performance will be the same if not better.

If the 280 is new I'd go for that, cheaper and warranty vs no warranty and more money for not a huge amount of extra performance.

With regard to the MrBlame comment, that rationale is a bit flawed because you can overclock a 280x and there is no guaruntee how far any 280 or 280x for that matter will overclock.

Why not R9 285? 



280x is about ~5-10 % better in games ( at most ) , so if buying off you friend doesn't bother you , offer him 135 for it .

Otherwise a 285 new .