r9 270 or geforce 760

Which one should I get?

the R9 I am going to get so far is $209

The 760 would probably be $260+

Is it worth getting the 760?

Both cards perform realy close, but the GTX760 is the better card, but only by just a few fps. arround 5 fps... is 5 fps more worth to you the extra cost?



You can flash the 270 to a 270X and make it phaster than a 760. It's just an overclock.

Except no. 

The 270x is still slower then the Gtx 760 so no Rabidz...

Then OC the 270X till it blows!

that makes no sense, they're the same card, flashing would do nothing

and it still won't touch the 760

And the 270 is especially limited by it lacking an additional 6 pin. 

Or you can OC the already better card til it blows!

What about a GTX 670? A 670 has more cores than a 760, therefore it is faster.


You can flash the 270 to a 270X and make it phaster than a 760. It's just an overclock.

sigh go back to your stupid mac with ten thousand dollars worth of DDR2 RAM POWER! 

A 270 and a 270 x is just a rebrand of a HD7870 the 270 being the same performance but needing less power (only needs one 6pin pcie power connector) the 270x is just a overclocked HD7870 (it needs x2 6pin pcie connectors)

The gtx 760 is a rebranded gtx670 (performance wise) and is a better card.

Not much faster and not worth it considering it's as expensive as a GTX 770.

Bullshyt. A 760 is a POS compared to a 670. The hunk of junk has 1152 cuder cores, but the beast has 1344!

it only has 1 6 pin? i didn't know that, maybe i'll recommend it less

i've been saying the entire 7870 line as if they should all be able to reach the same clocks

I say if you can save the 310-330 to get a gtx 770. Otherwise either choice is fine. Both do 1080 well in games.

it hus moar corez, it must be fastur

In this case, that statement is true.

going to call BS here because there is no way the Curaçao core is going to use over 150WATTS of power (75 from bus 75 from 6pin)

while it may or may not. i don't think it's a "bottleneck" so say... I do believe they make dual 6pin variants (i think)

mm kay

The only bullshit here is you spending 10k on DDR2 ram for a crapapple....be gone i banish you to crapleland where you and your 90's mac can be free!