R7 360 + phenom Ii = maths?

My r7 250x had a build fault where the PCB was bent in manufacturing. The unit never got close to 48+C because of the airflow in the case. I got the unit on sale and now I am returning it. I can get the same unit again and I would have no falter, though I could bump up one and get a 360 or 370 if I am lucky. The 250x will get ne 90 dollars back and my mother will spot me the cash.

My concern is that my build has a phenom Ii x4 955 BE. It is a great chip for what I do and I have had no faulters. I got 60 fps or more in the games I play (skyrim, league of legends, etc) but I am wondering if I should just get the same card or get another 250x. I cannot save money over time atm this has to be done within a week.



Shoot for the 370 I suppose?

Don't quote me if this is legit or not, but you could get a 7950 for around $150, maybe look around ebay, unless your return is in credit.

It's in credit and I don't know how much I could go over. I am thinking about just getting a 250X again because I know the limits.

You might as well grab the 370 if ya can, granted it has a higher power draw.

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360 would be nice... 370 makes more sense..

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How about a 270? :P

But in all seriousness, just get a refund and go to eBay for a GTX 580 or something. You can find some great cards at $90-ish.

You've voiced this concern maybe 10 times now and every single time people have told you that it's not a problem for the tier of PC you have. You are not going to magically lose frames with a higher-end GPU just because you have a Phenom II.

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I don't really like ebay because I have been scammed a lot. I also cannot get any out of store credit like through a vendor so it has to be from best buy, not sire if I mentioned that.

EBay buyer protection is so good you could scam the sellers tbh.

Yeah fuck BestBuy. $90 on sale is not a good price for a 250X. And as far as I'm concerned, you have to TRY to be scammed on eBay.

Read the description, analyse the photos, research the seller. People with 15 rating, one blurry picture and the description "Is good I test" you don't want to buy from. If you do, you deserve whatever bullshit they pull on you. On the other hand, people with 500+ rating and multiple pictures, and a description that actually DESCRIBES the item while matching the pictures, yeah you can trust that they aren't a shitter who's trying to screw you.

Also with all the new buyer protection options they've added, even if you do get scammed you make one 5 minute phone call to PayPal and they freeze the asshole's account, refund your money (plus tax!) and tell you to have a nice day.

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the 260x is probably a decent step up actually, as far as performance per dollar goes

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