R5 5600X not boosting

Hello world,

I’m having this issue that my CPU Amd R5 5600X does not boost properly anymore. I used to have it boost up to 4.5GHz, but now it is hard stuck at 3.92GHz.

I’ve lowered the VCORE on my CPU in the BIOS to mere 1.09 almost and it still does not properly boost. I used to have it at 1.16 or even 1.21.

What recently happened is that I clean installed Windows to 21H2.

I installed the latest Chipset drivers after the install and I already had F35d for my Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra.

I noticed that it can Auto clock to 4GHz with Ryzen Master but that is a far cry from the 4.5 and even 4.8GHz that I’ve had with only XFR boosting with the higher Voltage overhead.

What should I do, DDG didn’t result any help.