R.I.P. AMD's Mantle 2014-2015 - Long Live DirectX12?

Mantle 1.0 as we know it is now dead. as of this blogpost on AMD's official blog they have stated that

  • AMD will continue to support our trusted partners that have committed
    to Mantle in future projects, like Battlefield™ Hardline, with all
    the resources at our disposal.
  • Mantle’s definition of “open” must widen. It already has, in fact.
    This vital effort has replaced our intention to release a public
    Mantle SDK, and you will learn the facts on Thursday, March 5 at GDC
  • Mantle must take on new capabilities and evolve beyond mastery of the
    draw call. It will continue to serve AMD as a graphics innovation
    platform available to select partners with custom needs.
  • The Mantle SDK also remains available to partners who register in this co-development and evaluation program.
  • However, if you are a developer interested in Mantle "1.0"
    functionality, we suggest that you focus your attention on DirectX®
    12 or GLnext.

Thoughts on this? I think Microsoft got their head out their ass and have finally integrated Mantle onto DX12.
Source: http://community.amd.com/community/amd-blogs/amd-gaming/blog/2015/03/02/on-apis-and-the-future-of-mantle
Source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2891672/amds-mantle-10-is-dead-long-live-directx.html

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Come to think of it, this forum went into over hype over this not long ago, now here we are....

AMD Delivered though which is good. they wanted a Low-Level API, now it's going to be a standard. now there will no more "Oh Mantle Performance numbers don't count, cause Nvidia doesn't have a low level API". now they both have it.

Good, I don't like the market being too divided.

I saw Linus post this. I'm actually not mad - DX12 is promising and if developers just develop for DX12, that means that both nvidia and AMD users can take advantage of the performance improvements.

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I wonder if DX12 will allow me to use my APU (A10-7850k) along side my new GTX 960.

I don't see why not? the whole point of mantle was to take all the overhead off the CPU and put it on the GPU. in theory, all your games should perform better on DirectX12 based games. or to be blunt, you're not going to need an powerful CPU like a 4790k to get good performance. you could probably get away with a Athlon 760k or 860k now. which is pretty sweet.

I just see people talking about GPU's and didn't know if it would support APU's also. DX12 sounds pretty sweet if I will finally get to use my APU side of my CPU other than on mantle games. :D

I suspect AMD is going to keep it to expand the API into their own version of GameWorks.

proof is in the eating.
DX12 as far as I'm concerned is all talk until they can prove the claims they make about it.
MS has a history of telling lies and half-truths about PC gaming(& their OSs) over the last 14 years. So for now I will remain skeptical about anything MS has to say about everything they say about anything they do.

my only hope out of DX12 & win 10 is that it stays out of the way and lets devs make the games they want while not running worse then dx11.

Well AMD's Mantle was only supported for the 7000 Series and R9-200 Series of GPU's. for the APU's I believe the 6000 series APUs and 7000 series APU's were also supported. and besides i do believe when Kaveri launched AMD was showing off the performance of the APU with Battlefield i believe (someone correct me if i'm wrong)

I doubt it, AMD has been on roll lately with promoting an Open Standard.

I don't think its death, or anything like that. Currently DX12 will be all hype but knowing MS it'll be locked down to win10 and next update if there'd be any will be for windows 11 or 12... many developers will keep mantle to deliver best for their players on win 7 & 8 (I guess not many people will upgrade right away, and many will keep using win7 regardless for some time before going 10)

When dx12 gets old, and we'll see no dx13 i guess you'll see dev's picking up mantle again; but as a open std like opengl.

You didn't read the articles. AMD really made Mantle so that Microsoft and the Creators of OpenGL could get their head out their ass and make a low-level API. the creators of OpenGL and Microsoft saw the the numbers and they were astounding, just using a low-level API, the performance increase was around 10 to 15%. the creators of OpenGL and Microsoft have now implemented Mantle to their API's. Obviously DirectX12 is exclusive to Windows. But for Linux and OS X, the API used on those platforms are OpenGL. so yes Mantle is dead, but the Low-Level API standard is here now. so now there will be no more underperforming GPUs.

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OpenGL failed us many times over, sometimes dropping it for years and rewriting whole structure. Dev's do not have time to learn it again, and again. While OpenGL is the way to go in future. Mantle represents more than just your gaming api; but driver less linux support for software that do support mantle. Mantle is not dead just yet. Wait and see. Microsoft will keep playing dirty tricks to manipulate performance. (they've done it before, i don't see reason they wouldn't do it today) + dx12 will be closed standard. This might be big problem for many developers in the future. This is why nvidia is making such a big buck out of their gameworks. Mantle will still be there from time to time.
You'll see.

The project of mantle was much bigger than just low-level api for games. ^_^

@Kat what about Linux. No way DX12 will have Linux support :(

DirectX12 is Exclusive to Windows 10. Linux users are going to have GL-Next Codenamed "Vulkan" which is OpenGL's new API which will also have Mantle integrated.

This is quite the misleading post....

AMD's Mantle Graphics API
has gathered incredible momentum in its first year, gaining support
from five advanced game engines and 10 premium applications. Mantle
has also revolutionized the industry's thinking on
low-overhead/high-throughput graphics APIs as a solution that does not
compromise developer productivity. Compelling content was delivered on
Mantle in historically quick time, paving the way for various graphics
standards bodies to move forward with conviction on their own similar
API standards and specifications. We
are proud of these accomplishments, and we have been inspired by
everything we have learned along the way. We also haven’t forgotten the
promise we made: openness. AMD
is a company that fundamentally believes in technologies unfettered by
restrictive contracts, licensing fees, vendor lock-ins or other
arbitrary hurdles to solving the big challenges in graphics and
computing. Mantle was destined to follow suit, and it does so today as
we proudly announce that the 450-page programming guide and API
reference for Mantle will be available this month (March, 2015) at www.amd.com/mantle. This
documentation will provide developers with a detailed look at the
capabilities we’ve implemented and the design decisions we made, and we
hope it will stimulate more discussion that leads to even better
graphics API standards in the months and years ahead. Proud
moments also call for reflection, and today we are especially
thoughtful about Mantle’s future. In the approaching era of DirectX® 12
and the Next-Generation OpenGL Initiative, AMD is helping to develop two
incredibly powerful APIs that leverage many capabilities of the
award-winning Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture. - See more at:

Its pretty awesome that AMD is allowing this and taking this stance with mantle so soon and letting developers question what code to focus on

How is it Misleading? Mantle as an API is not going to exist anymore, And all it's features are going to be implemented into DirectX12 and OpenGL-Next. so i don't understand where it's misleading. and on the blog post AMD CLEARLY states Developers, focus on DIrectX12 and OpenGL.