Quite the Question

So after running quite far behind on building myself a PC I've come up with what I hope to be a great idea. Instead of Building a whole new computer why not simply beef up my current laptop. So heres my question. I've heard a bit about external laptop Graphics cards and that there are a few companys who make them. Is there anyone who could tell me a bit about them and where i could get one. 

~ Thanks Jay

(Also im working with about a $250-$350 (AU) Budget. 

($257 - $360) US

($200 - $275) EU

i don't recomend it but look into these people


this does not include a gpu, i'd get a 7770 maybe (i think that might fit in your price range) and depending which one you get you'd also need a psu


or you could try this


another thing i would not recomend and may not even work with your system