Quiet host GPU for programming, browsing, videos


Need a non-gaming non-blender rendering Linux GPU, that’s quiet and cheap and able to drive 2x 4k screens without stuttering.

I’ve been thinking about a passive RX460.

Does anyone have experience with such a setup?

Wouldn’t say I have a lot of experience in this department but I can add a suggestion. You could use a Nvidia Quadro P400. Supports three 4K displays in a single slot configuration.

Palit makes a fanless 1050ti
XFX made a passive RX 460 (not sure how available it is)

I bought a used 7950 windforce card for 150 Canuckistan $. Cheapest way I could find to run 4k.
I don’t drive 2x 4k monitors but I’m 99% sure it would do it no problems. (EDIT: Clarity. I drive a 4k and a 1440p in portrait)
With a decent overclock I can even do games like LoL and D3 at >100FPS.

Sure, it isn’t modern technology but you can’t beat it for the price.

Since he is planning to use Linux, I would recommend going for AMD, since they have open-source drivers from AMD. The Nouveau driver isn’t bad, but stuff like Wayland doesn’t work with it.

If the RX460 is powerful enough, I would go for that.

As suggested the RX460 is the bare minimum since it has one HDMI 2.0 and one Displayport. The problem with older AMD GPUs is that they’re hot and loud so don’t match what you’re looking for.