Quiet 140mm fan for case

I've recently noticed that my PC is just too darn noisy, so I'm replacing all the fans, starting with 120mm fans(including PSU).

So I've gotten to the point where I want to replace my 140mm fans, currently I have the Lian Li LED fans that came with the case, and they're not that noisy, but they're not quiet either.

So I would like a recommendation for quiet 140mm fans, they can have LED's, but it's not mandatory.


Thanks in advance!


Noctua nf f14s are always a great choice then there are Gelid silent 14s or Corsair af140s

PS i dont think you can change your psu fan tho

I checked the Corsair fan's, but unfortunately they're not available in my country.

And about the PSU fan, oh I can change that, some wirecutting and soldering, I did that on my previous psu, when the fan got wobbly and noisy.

Then Noctuas for you! lol I'm sure there are other choices with better color but I think they are the best fans for noise/perf

I was recommended these fans aswell:

But since there are no reviews about this fan, it feels kinda not that reliable buy. 



Okay, after reading some reviews, I think I'm getting these: