Quick re-up, Classic PC Build

So I’m looking at “Rebuilding” the PC I had as a kid. I had a pentium 3 and a nice board to fit in there, but atm the board has no desire to respond. So here I am thinking about it… What am I actually going to do with it? 2D games, some fiddle crap, floppy disk management…

Should I even bother with older hardware?

My thinking with this machine now is to build a speclist for what would make a perfect Icaros Desktop machine, and build that in the case of my childhood PC.

Or, do I build a modern desktop in this thing? Windows 2000 can use up to 8 cores, and I have wanted FX or a 1090T for a while… Both are available on craigslist.

Lastly I have an mATX board with a shitty xeon on it and 16GB ram. It won’t really run older stuff, at least not easily.

Which should I do, do you think? I don’t really have any plans here for the machine, so I’ll leave that to you guys for now, maybe. My original plan isn’t going to work so well.