Quick Question

I'm gonna "buy" XP Professional now for my new PC, should I get x64 or x86? I'll be using 4GBs of RAM and a 64-bit processor, but is driver support good for x64?

why are you getting xp professional just get vista home premium.

x64 because 32 bit won't use all 4 GB, even though you wouldn't necessarily even need it. driver support for x64 is meh, a couple things i used back on xp 32 bit won't work and didn't bother looking for the 64bit version. :/

yeah why would u not get vista

64 bit vista runs well.. haven't had one crash in a year with it.

but 64bit xp is what you should get if you want xp.

64bit on xp is the shite, no support at all whatsoever.

Vista 64 eats it for breakfast

Sorry guys I think I want XP until Windows 7, but I'll consider Vista. Thanks.

I only crashed in vista when i had 1 gig of ram, i have 4 gigs now and havent had a problem with vista since.

get it from the pirates...